October is Silent Movie Month — 9th Annual! ITHAQA Comic Book Launch Party — Virtual Program

Saturday, October 24th 3pm-4pm 

There’s a new comic book called ITHAQA — a Lovecratian horror comic set against the backdrop of the Wharton Studio era — and you’re invited to the virtual launch party!  Meet ITHAQA’s creator/ writer Michael Watson and illustrator Theresa Chiechi — both are IC alums — and hear how this creative project came to be! Brought to you by Wharton Studio Museum and hosted by Buffalo Street Books.

Copies of the first issue of ITHAQA are flying off the shelves at Buffalo Street Books and new issues will be available shortly!

Visit https://www.buffalostreetbooks.com/event/ithaqa-comic-book-launch for registration info.

For more info about ITHAQA visit www.ithaqacomic.com


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