Virtual events about Irene Castle – Thursday, October 14, 7-8 pm

Virtual events about Irene Castle
Serial Style: The Business of Being Irene Castle
A virtual presentation by Denise N. Green, Associate Professor of Fashion Design, College of Human Ecology on Thursday, October 14, 7-8pm.
Join us online for Professor Green’s engaging talk about Irene Castle who was already a household name when she arrived in Ithaca in 1916 to film the first 10 episodes of Patria, directed and produced by the Wharton, Inc. Studio. Castle was not only an excellent dancer and fashion innovator, but an astute businesswoman who knew the value of branding and industry connections. She was voted the most popular motion picture actress in 1916, widely considered the “best dressed woman in the world,” and the first film star to boast an eponymous fashion line. Prof. Green is also the Director of the Cornell Fashion + Textile Collection.
Moderated by Diana Riesman, Executive Director, Wharton Studio Museum
The event is free!
The event is co-sponsored by The History Center, the Cornell Fashion and Textile Collection, and The Public History Initiative.
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