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Walk This Play


You’re Invited to WALK THIS PLAY!

WSM and The Cherry Arts, in collaboration with The History Center in Tompkins County, proudly present WALK THIS PLAY, a download hub where two unique local walking headphone plays – The Missing Chapter and Storm Country — can be accessed for the first time without advance tickets — just a minimum $5.00 donation — and whenever audience members desire. Experience these critically-acclaimed immersive outdoor headphone walking-plays during this socially-distanced summer! 

In both The Missing Chapter and Storm Country, audience members walk about a mile over the course of an hour while listening to original headphone-plays based on the hidden histories of Ithaca’s Stewart Park and the West End. Hundreds of audience members enjoyed these unique open-air theater experiences, and now, for the first time, those who missed out can experience these works on their own phones or other digital devices on their own schedule.

Both projects can be downloaded for a $5.00 minimum donation at https://www.thecherry.org/walk-this-play/

Winner of a Historic Ithaca Preservation Award in 2019, The Missing Chapter celebrates Ithaca’s motion picture history, introducing audiences to Beatrice Fairfax, heroine of the Wharton Studio’s popular 1916 serial of the same name. Audiences wind their way through Stewart Park on the Waterfront Trail discovering “missing chapters” in the history of our own community.

Called a “beautiful and haunting audio adventure” by the Ithaca Journal when it premiered in 2016, Storm Country, inspired by Ithaca author Grace Miller White’s turn of the 20th century novel, immerses the audience in a world of voices, music, and environmental sounds as they travel among the ghosts of Ithaca’s West End.

The headphone walking-plays are a perfect summer activity that combine theatre, history, and the outdoors, and make for a wonderful experience!


The Missing Chapter
Storm Country
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